Episode 2 – The Office

Episode 2 covers The Office, one of Tim’s favorite TV shows OF ALL TIME… and potentially one of Andrew’s least favorites. It was a lot of fun to watch him squirm through the 50 (!) episodes that we watched, all in order to prepare for 45 minutes of talking into a microphone in a bathroom. How ’bout a hand for Andrew, huh? That’s what I call dedication. What a sport. In the end, I think we all learned something, though. Andrew learned that The Office is a halfway decent show and Tim learned that sophomore slumps are NOT A JOKE. Folks, I may have been a little bit trigger happy with the edit button. Fair warning: it’s a little bit choppy. Never mind my perhaps wrongheaded assertion that Michael Scott Is A Feminist. Please feel free to chirp back about that (I feel like a Grade A Moron about it) or anything else that’s on your mind. Anyways, here ya go.

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